Improvement Networks

RISE creates a platform for educators to come together across schools and districts to pursue shared goals and continuous improvement. Through each of our network partnerships RISE proactively identifies ways to strengthen our efforts to better meet the needs of students and educators. Our network-building activities are guided by the belief that we amplify our individual and collective impact when we work together to address shared challenges and goals.

Continuous Improvement Approach to Cross-School Learning & Collaboration

As a network, we are committed to continuous learning and improvement. Collectively, we seek to refine our efforts based on new data, needs, and learnings. We know that it’s not enough to repeat the same playbook every semester and school year. Instead, we are a learning community, and we look for ways to learn and grow based on what’s working and what’s not.

We believe that navigating the improvement journey is a shared endeavor. RISE supports schools in their continuous improvement efforts by providing data-informed coaching and creating cross-school learning opportunities where educators from different school communities can share what they are learning with one another.

RISE schools convene throughout the year for network-wide professional learning opportunities. These gatherings provide educators with opportunities to learn from and collaborate with peers across schools. Through deep and results-driven collaboration with and across RISE high schools, we form authentic learning partnerships to review data, share promising practices, pilot new ideas and programs, and solve barriers and challenges.

As our cross-school collaborations continue to yield meaningful learning, we endeavor to share this with new schools and districts, in Connecticut and beyond, through our vitally important scale work. We have expanded upon existing partnerships in districts such as Hartford and Norwalk; partnered with the State of Connecticut on the Connecticut FAFSA Challenge; hosted a Symposium focused on 9th-grade success for partners within and beyond our network, and recently launched a Freshman Focus Network to promote ongoing learning. Learn more about coaching and professional learning offered by the RISE Network.

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