Improvement Networks

RISE creates a platform for teachers and leaders to come together across schools and districts to pursue shared goals and continuous improvement. As partners in the RISE Network, we proactively identify ways to strengthen our efforts to better meet the needs of students and educators. Our network-building activities are guided by the belief that we amplify our individual and collective impact when we work together to address shared challenges and goals.

Network Learning Agenda

RISE schools convene throughout the year for network-wide professional learning opportunities. These gatherings provide educators with opportunities to learn from and collaborate with peers across schools. Through deep and results-driven collaboration with and across RISE high schools, we form authentic learning partnerships to review data, share promising practices, pilot new ideas and programs, and solve barriers and challenges.

RISE by 5: Network-Wide Strategies

The RISE by 5 focus areas support innovation and improvement at the network, school, educator team, individual educator, and student levels. Importantly, each RISE high school pursues the RISE by 5 framework in unique ways to reflect local context and priorities, and variation across schools supports continued learning as a network community.

RISE high schools work across five focus areas to promote high school and postsecondary success:

  1. On-Track and Postsecondary Culture: School communities share a singular focus on results. Educators, students, and families work together to keep freshman success, on-track achievement, and college and career readiness at the forefront.
  2. Targeted Transition Supports: Students benefit from targeted transition supports in Grade 9 and in preparation for postsecondary pathways. These supports invest in critical moments, key staff, and focused student subgroups.
  3. Data-Driven Educator Collaboration: Teams engage in students-centered team meetings, leveraging data tools, protocols, and educator expertise to take a holistic approach to meet individual needs of all students.
  4. Equitable Educator Practice: Educators receive coaching, resources, and support to invest in educators as professionals, pursuing evidence-based ideas to create more rigorous, engaging, and inclusive classroom and school environments.
  5. Cross-School Learning: Network partners come together across schools to learn, grow, and improve. Teachers, counselors, and administrators share successes, challenges, and ideas to advance our shared goals and collective impact.

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