On-Track Coaches

On-Track Coaches (OTCs) are youth development professionals who serve as champions and advocates for a targeted caseload of Grade 9 students. As full-time members of the high school staff, OTCs function as coaches for students who demonstrated attendance, academic, social, and/or behavioral risk factors in middle school. OTCs have a maximum caseload of 60 students for whom they can provide deep and sustained support.

OTCs function as coaches for students who may otherwise experience difficulty or become off track by collaborating with teachers, administrators, students, and families to ensure every student succeeds. They meet with students one-on-one and in group coaching sessions. Using data, OTCs develop personalized achievement plans to help keep students on-track. By coordinating communication and interventions and monitoring students’ progress, OTCs serve as liaisons with students, school staff, and families. OTCs also use their creativity to pilot strategies to promote student engagement and academic success, such as parent events, after-school tutoring, and student clubs and extracurriculars.

On-Track Coaches RISE Strategy Guide