Early Results

Disrupting Opportunity Gaps

For far too long, persistent opportunity gaps have disadvantaged Connecticut’s low-income students, Black and Latinx students, English learners, and students with special needs.

RISE partners with educators across Connecticut who are deeply committed to improving educational outcomes for low-income and historically marginalized high school students. By building a community of educators and students that work together to achieve shared goals in support of student success, RISE pushes beyond the boundaries of what education has been to realize a vision for what school communities could and should be.

Student Outcomes

The RISE Network’s focus on key transitions—navigating the middle to high school transition and preparing for post-secondary success—has yielded positive results.

  • Improved On-Track Achievement: Grade 9 on-track rates have improved by 20 percentage points network-wide from 64% to 84%. 
  • Higher Graduation Rates: Four-year high school graduation rates have increased from 78% to 87%. Meanwhile, statewide graduation rates have remained relatively flat. 
  • Increased College Readiness: College-readiness rates for students in Grades 9 through 12 is up 8 points from 26% to 34%. High school GPA (B’s or better or 3.0+ unweighted GPA) is one of the strongest predictors of college enrollment and completion.
  • Higher College Access Rates: More students are accessing college opportunities. FAFSA completion rates are up 14 points from 51% to 65%. FAFSA unlocks resources to make college a more attainable option. 

Educator Feedback

The RISE Network leverages the collective wisdom, diverse experiences and perspectives, and creative ideas of hundreds of educators. We are constantly seeking feedback from educators to ensure that our programming and capacity-building efforts are meeting their needs. Here’s what educators had to say about their experiences with RISE:

  • “The network provided a source of strength in a difficult and isolating time.”
  • “During a very unusual year, being a part of the network was extremely valuable. Having access to the RISE team and our colleagues in the network to support us through constant innovation helped cultivate growth among our team and inspired us to create more effective and equitable systems for our students.”
  • “I am one of the original members of the RISE Network going back 6 years. I can’t relay enough how helpful they have been. This year, like every year, they stayed focused on the needs at hand… they changed their focus to help us stay current with the issues.”
  • “Teaching can often feel isolating in ways and being part of this network really changed that for me. Also, this is really the first opportunity I have had in 20 years of teaching to work on an interdisciplinary team.”