Big Ideas

As a network, we constantly wrestle with and refine the underlying beliefs, commitments, and ideas that inform our work. While these big ideas will evolve as we continue to learn more from and with each other, the below statements articulate how we’ve approached our collaboration as network partners and what we’ve learned thus far.

  • Building Networks. We can achieve more on behalf of our students by working together—across schools and districts—towards shared goals.
  • Embracing Data. Data should be used for learning and improvement, not just compliance and accountability.
  • Empowering Educators. Schools succeed when educators are respected as professionals and have access to the information and resources they need to help all students succeed.
  • Welcoming Ideas. Those closest to the student experience—educators and students themselves—are also closest to new and creative ideas for improving it.
  • Learning to Improve. Continuous improvement requires both the courage to act boldly and the humility to know our work is never complete.
  • Advancing College and Career Readiness. All students need to be prepared for college and career success, and the entire school community shares responsibility for this goal.
  • Promoting Equity. Achieving educational equity requires our collective efforts to close long-standing opportunity gaps for historically marginalized groups.
  • Focusing on Transitions. Transitions to, through, and beyond high school are important to get right, and students often need targeted support to successfully navigate these transitions.
  • Fostering Connections. We celebrate students’ diverse passions, interests, and experiences, and build personal connections to help all students thrive.