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What We Do

Rise Network

The RISE Network is a community built by educators for educators.

RISE partners with educators across Connecticut who are deeply committed to improving educational outcomes for low-income and underrepresented high school students. RISE brings together teachers, counselors, and administrators working in different communities to help ensure that every high school student graduates college and career ready.

Network Improvement

As a network, we collaborate across schools and districts to advance shared goals and scale results.

RISE is a vibrant learning community where educators come together to share successes, resources, strategies, and challenges. We support one another, and we push one another to improve outcomes for our students. RISE partner schools are committed to working together to use data to co-design, test, and implement new and better ways to meet student needs.

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Educator Resources

We connect educators to resources, information, and learning opportunities to promote innovation.

Educators demonstrate incredible capacity and drive to support their students in achieving their goals. RISE ensures educators have the tools, resources, and professional learning they need to provide their students with opportunities to excel.

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Student Support

RISE's shared strategies support students to graduate high school on time and ready for college and career success.

All students deserve an engaging, enriching, and meaningful high school experience. The RISE by 5 network-wide strategies connect students with personalized support during the critical moments and key transitions that shape students' high school experiences.

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RISE By 5Strategies

RISE by 5: A Network Approach

RISE educators collaborate across schools to adopt promising practices that help students navigate critical transitions to, through and beyond high school. RISE by 5 represents a network-wide commitment to pursue five shared strategies that improve student outcomes.