Maloney HS Student Spotlight: Peiqi (Maggie) Chen

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The RISE Postsecondary Success team partners with CT high schools to ensure that all students graduate on time and complete milestones for their identified postsecondary plans. Throughout the month of June, we will be celebrating the accomplishments of graduating seniors in our core network schools. Their dedication, hard work, and resilience have led them to this important goal. Congratulations to the class of 2023!

Today, we are sharing an interview with Peiqi (Maggie) Chen (above), from Maloney High School in Meriden.

What is your plan, after you graduate high school?

Peiqi (Maggie): I will be attending Yale University in the Fall and I am interested in Engineering and Computer Science. Yale offers a dual major, which is what I am leaning toward.

Have you received any scholarships or special acknowledgments?

Peiqi (Maggie): I will receive a Project Excel Scholarship for being second in my class and an accounting award.

What support did you receive to help you form your postsecondary plan?

Peiqi (Maggie): I attended summer College Prep Academy, which was very helpful as a first-generation college student. It was great to get a head start before the school year started. I was working with my physics teacher during this program and it was helpful to make plans for declaring a major and make my college list. I worked with the school’s SAT tutor, who was extremely helpful in getting my essay completed. I attended the celebrations of Cocoa, Cookies, and College and Senior Signing Day and looked forward to these milestone events.

What advice would you give to a rising senior?  What resources or support should they take advantage of?

Peiqi (Maggie): Get your college application done as early as you can. Take it one step at a time and do not think too much about it. It is easy to stress about what the future can hold, but whatever comes to you will come to you. Be optimistic. It is your senior year. You want to make sure you are making fun memories. Make the most of all the resources that you have, including your school’s College Prep Academy. I also found CollegeVine to be a helpful resource. Do not be afraid to ask for help. Don’t compare yourself to others because you are your own person.

What are you most looking forward to, as you look ahead to the future?

Peiqi (Maggie): I want to get out of my comfort zone and try new things. I want to see if I can push myself to do more in terms of academics and extracurriculars.

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