Our “Mission to Catch Them All” at Westhill High School

Grade 9 SuccessRISE by 5 Strategies

As Q3 at Westhill High School in Stamford slowly came to a close, and after some team reflection, we realized that too much time was spent during Semester 1 focused on talking about the same students, with no true plan. For Semester 2, we decided to focus on the importance of reaching ALL of the students on our team. We started by looking at the data as we reflected on our “Mission To Catch Them All.”

Off-Track students were brought together for a group discussion and presentation. The Team Lead and I used the magic calculator to determine the grades needed during Q3 and Q4 in order for each student who was off-track to pass year 1. From the calculations, I created a ‘student status report card.’ Students also completed a Q3 reflection activity and created goals. Team members committed to selecting students they would like to regularly check in with so that these students would feel supported and use the new goals to help drive their conversations.


Almost On-Track students were added to a Google Classroom and we provided them with the magic calculator. We asked students to identify classes they are on the cusp of passing and they then calculated their own grades as we circulated and helped. Students then wrote their needed grades for Q3 and Q4 on a blank ‘student status report card.’

Students shared that they were so happy to spend one-on-one time with their teachers, work on this activity, and even asked when we could do this activity again!

For our On Track students, we simply celebrated them! We used our team time last week to create snack bags for students which teachers have been passing out to them throughout the week.

As a team, we are beginning to see the importance of celebrating small wins, seeing the data, using the data, and having productive conversations about change.