Resources to Engage Students and Educators in Conversations about Race


Dear RISE Partners,

Like you, we are angered, saddened, and outraged by the murder of George Floyd.  His tragic death is made more painful by the innumerable examples of racism and hate eroding our society.  At RISE, we condemn racism, discrimination, and prejudice, and we stand with everyone channeling their anger toward positive actions for justice and equality.

As RISE Network partners, we are defined by our shared and unwavering sense of optimism and possibility.  Even when confronted with seemingly intractable barriers and challenges, we choose to see hope.  Your drive, determination, and resiliency have been on full display these past few months in navigating school closures and distance learning.  RISE educators, students, and families consistently choose opportunity over despair, solutions over constraints, and creativity over the status quo.

While we strive to remain positive, it can be incredibly difficult at times like this.  Black lives matter, and continued racial injustices and senseless acts of violence must stop.  In moments like this, we must choose hope over frustration, action over inaction, and solidarity over division.

By working so hard every day to ensure all of our students – who are predominantly Black, Latinx, and low-income – receive an excellent education, we are positioning the next generation of leaders to transform this moment into a movement creating a more just society.  RISE educators are proving all students – regardless of race/ethnicity, family income, or neighborhood – thrive when provided with opportunities and support.  In doing this, you and your students are creating a powerful narrative.  When so many societal pressures and inequities work to limit our students’ opportunities, your work helps all students realize their full potential.  

Together, you are creating a movement in your schools and in our state, just as we hope the outrage over George Floyd’s tragic death and the resulting peaceful protests create real and lasting change for our country.

With hope and optimism,

Emily Pallin
Executive Director

This page provides resources compiled by Rickeena Holloway, a RISE Network Facilitator, including tools for educators looking to engage students in conversations about race and racial injustices. These are complex, difficult and necessary conversations, and we encourage you to explore the books, articles, lesson plans, videos and podcasts below. Please share additional resources with, and we will add links to this page.


Lessons, Activities, and Discussion Protocols

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