On-Track Conferences

Each quarter, students meet one-on-one with a caring adult to discuss their goals, strengths, and growth areas. During these on-track conferences, educators use a discussion protocol to guide the conversation, as well as a personalized data profile for each student containing the student’s in-progress grades, absences, suspensions, and on-track status across different dimensions. Through a 10-minute conversation with an educator, students have the opportunity to review their performance and set goals before grades become final at the end of the marking period.

On-track conferences foster student agency and connections between students and educators. Students often meet with an impartial adult they may not know; this helps students and adults build new relationships. Typically, the final question in the conference protocol encourages students to provide feedback to educators, identifying areas where the school can better support students. Just as the conferences are designed to help students grow and improve, they also provide staff with valuable student ideas and perspectives.

On-Track Conferences RISE Strategy Guide