RISE Network Connects Educators for Meaningful Cross-School Learning Experiences

Network Collaboration and LearningRISE by 5 Strategies

Nothing beats the positive energy, new ideas, learning, and collaboration that RISE role-alikes bring to our core network community! Our quarterly role-alike sessions provide educators with opportunities to learn from and collaborate with peers across RISE high schools throughout the year. These engaging gatherings support authentic learning partnerships to review data, share promising practices, pilot new ideas and programs, and solve barriers and challenges.

This month, we hosted various role-alike sessions to help facilitate collaborative learning among our Network partners. Check out some highlights of these sessions below!


March kicked off with a performance-themed Principals role-alike community focused on building a solutions toolkit by learning from other Principals’ successes and lessons learned from challenges. Participants collaborated to discuss the RISE program strategy and brainstorm a foundation for the future. They also got familiar with RISE’s new tools and how they can help inform practice.

Freshman Success

Next up was a summer-themed Freshman Success role-alike where teams reviewed prior-year data, planned for summer bridge programs, and organized summer adult collaboration. Check out some of our RISE Summer Bridge Strategies!

On-Track Coaches

During RISE’s On-Track Coach role-alike, educators shared strategies and offered feedback to strengthen each other’s work. These sessions help equip educators with the tools to implement changes within their individual and/or school practices. Participants also heard from guest speaker Dr. Kimberlee Henry, who talked to them about their biases and how they may impact how they work with students and their families.

Postsecondary Success

March Madness was the theme of our postsecondary role-alike session!  Using Junior survey data and strategy boards, school teams reflected on postsecondary strategies and year-to-date postsecondary tracker data, and set goals for how to support this year’s Summer Academies for rising Seniors. They also navigated RISE’s Data Hub to complete a Summer Academy data scavenger hunt!

Learn more about the RISE Network’s continuous improvement approach to cross-school learning and collaboration!