RISE Network Learning Events Facilitate Cross-District Collaboration Among Educators

Network Collaboration and LearningRISE by 5 Strategies

As a network improvement community, we have the unique opportunity to facilitate learning across schools. Our role-alike collaboratives provide educators with opportunities to learn from and collaborate with peers across RISE high schools throughout the year. These peer gatherings support authentic learning partnerships to review data, share promising practices, pilot new ideas and programs, and solve barriers and challenges.

This fall, we hosted various role-alike sessions to help facilitate collaborative learning among our Network partners. These events kicked off a series of quarterly role-alike sessions in person at the RISE Network office.

An On-Track Coach (OTC) summit focused on utilizing RISE data tools to help promote equitable caseloads. The goal is to ensure that all OTCs have equitable access to best practices, support, and strategies to support students well within their unique contexts. You can learn more through RISE’s On-Track Coaches Strategy Guide, in which we share actionable ideas and tools to help drive student success.

Next, RISE hosted a Freshman Success role-alike workshop where our team discussed the RISE change idea process, prepared for a yearlong focus on extended day programming, and shared best practices and challenges with role-alike network partners.

Financial Aid was the focus during the Postsecondary role-alike workshop as we reviewed FAFSA data, financial aid strategies, and best practices to support students and families. Our partners had a great day reviewing ways to best support students in completing milestones. Learn about promising practices the RISE Network employs to develop a FAFSA culture in the school community and engage students and families.

Finally, RISE hosted a role-alike for school Principals, where they discussed change ideas, student-centered strategies and the positive results they are achieving, and how they can adjust certain tactics to make them work better within their schools. Learn more about network-building activities at RISE.

As with any RISE event, we are always excited to hear from attendees. Here is some of the feedback we received from role-alike participants:

“It was good to brainstorm ideas with other districts, learn some new collaboration strategies, and have time to build on ideas with coworkers of different roles.” 

“These sessions are always helpful with establishing baseline core values of the OTC role. I also walk away with valuable strategies I can implement immediately.” 

“I enjoyed sharing best practices with my colleagues and learning from the innovative things they are doing.”